Introduction: This Is My Story

Greetings, programs.

As I am somewhat new to blogging, I thought I would introduce myself, though not in the brief way I had in the “About the Author” page. I wanted to give you something more in-depth, as I will probably be referring to people, places and events from my life in future posts, so I pieced together this auto-biography. Naturally, there are events I cannot speak of in this post, and I rushed the ending a tad. It is as up-to-date as I could make it, though, and I will continue editing this post whenever my living situation changes. There is no real ending, for “the end has not yet been written,” as the old adage says.

You will undoubtedly see the occasional mention of mythological themes. We all have elements of mythology in our every day lives; we just don’t notice these mythological aspects until long after the events are over, if we even notice them then. Events in our lives are so “real” to us (because we experienced them ourselves) that we often forget to compare them to past events – including events labeled as “mythology”, things our brains have been trained to think “didn’t happen” – in order to learn all we can from them.
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