I stand at the cusp of a life less lived and an existence of endless possibility, one foot poised hesitantly over the razor thin border betwixt the frozen knowns from days of old and the chaos of the unknowable future.

     Dare I take this one small step? Such a tiny trifle, this little step… but only the lord of the harvest knows the yield of one small seed.

     One step. One word. One breath. Worlds are formed or rent from such as these. The breadth of possibilities overwhelms me, addling my thoughts and shocking my senses. Should I take this step o’er the precipice, will I tread upon the golden path, or will I plunge foot-first into maudlin oblivion?

     The oubliette surrounds me. The cold, slithering black of What Is and What Has Been claws at my skin, but the sinuous shining light of What Could Be glimmers through the darkness, and I am transfixed by the magic of the possible! Be it destiny or be it fire’s siren song to moths, I take my step off the edge…


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