Our Father, Who art in Heaven…

I want to thank You for the life you’ve given me—for the breath in my lungs, for my health, for my job, for my education, for the clothing I wear and the food that I eat, for my family and friends, for the new people I meet, for each new day, and for the daily opportunities to change the way I’ve been living and get things right this time.

I am undeserving of all these blessings, and have done nothing to merit Your continued favor, yet You bless me still. You have forgiven me for every transgression (and there have been many), and You forgive me still when I fail You, though I deserve no forgiveness.

I thank You for granting me an agile mind, and for the talents I possess. I ask only for the opportunity to bless You and others with my abilities, and for Your blessings upon any project I initiate or participate in. I know that, with Your help, I can—and will—succeed at whatever I determine to accomplish.

I bless You, my Lord, and I bless whoever reads these words. May anyone who reads what I and others post here in the future be blessed by what they read, or by however they choose to interpret what I and others will write herein. May whoever stumbles across this site find whatever it is they were searching for here.

Please bless this undertaking, my Lord. Bless our writing, and help us to increase our skills daily. May my hands never cease to write until I perish and pass from this life into the next.


“…We bow in worship and thank the Supreme King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, who extends the heavens and established the earth, whose throne of glory is in the heavens above, and whose power’s Presence is in the highest of heights.”

~ “Aleinu” (Ashkenazi), Koren Sacks Siddur, translation by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks


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