Welcome to Dunebat.com!

Welcome, fellow travelers, to the new and improved Dunebat.com! If you’re a first time visitor, thanks for visiting the site! There isn’t much here yet, but we’re going to grow throughout this coming year, so I hope you’ll trek with us for a while and see what develops. If you’ve been here before, I’ve changed the site’s look and feel dramatically since we last had any substantial activity here, so feel free to explore and get to know the site again.

At one point this site served solely as my personal blog, but I’ve always been so dreadful at keeping journals. This coming year, I hope to slowly transform it into much more than a mere journal. I know I’ve said that in the past; I’ve always been both blessed and cursed with lofty aspirations. This time, however… I’ve brought some friends with me! I’ve invited a few other brave souls to pen missives for the site, and a missive or three shall be posted here by them and/or me every week. Want to know more about my co-conspirators in this grand endeavor? Venture to the About the Authors page for more information on my partners in word crimes.

What kind of “grand endeavor” do I have in mind, you ask? For the moment, Dunebat.com is an experimental space where various writers and artists — either budding new talents or old veterans whose works have graced other online spaces — may post whatever they desire here. Philosophy, theology, politics, science, criminology, parapsychology, cinematic criticism, maybe some Gothy or geeky things… any subject for literary or artistic exploration is up for grabs here (and I list quite a few on the About the Site page), but there is an overall theme: the subjects we tackle will have something to do with the darker, stranger side of life. The missives here will be explorations of the darkness of everyday being, tantalizing contact with mysterious metaphorical objects grasped at in a room with all the lights off… and hopeful missives of those struggling to break through the dark to find the light.

Or we could just post something utterly silly and meaningless here. That’s always an option.

In time, this site will grow into more. I have grander plans for a more unified theme, and I may even reclaim this site as a solo site and make a separate yet connected site for the works of my fellow travelers here, should the population of creative souls here grow enough… but all that’s in the future.  For the moment, the site and all my plans for it are still in their infancy.

I look forward to seeing what this darkling child grows into, and I hope you’ll stick around to see that, too.



~ Dunebat (Jerod C. Batte),
     West Texas, 1 January 2016


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