About the Author

I am Jerod C. Batte – your friendly, neighborhood dunebat (Desmodus desertus is the binomial nomenclature).  I fly where the desert winds take me, and I talk about whatever holds my interest.

I am a would-be writer, an amateur illustrator and a novice graphic artist seeking to make my name known.  I was born in the West Texas steppes, and I’ve haunted the lonely plains of the Llano Estacado ever since.  Born a son of the desert sands, I adore dry and wind-swept climes.

I travel occasionally, when time and funds are available, usually going to places nearby.  I am proudly Texan, and strongly pro-Israel.  I possess a few slightly Gothic tendencies and nerdy eccentricities.  I wear black almost exclusively.

Where You Can Find Me:

2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. That is very interesting. You are an amazing person. Based upon your full name, you should not doubt the power that dwells within you or those abilities which lie dormant.


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