I am Jerod C. Batte—your friendly, neighborhood Dunebat (Desmodus desertus would be the binomial nomenclature), wannabe scribe/scholar/saint traveling the deep dune sea of the soul, seeking myself with every step. Friend to all nerds & geeks, especially fellow Trekkies.  I fly where the desert winds take me, and I talk (quite often) about whatever holds my interest.

In addition to writing, I enjoy traditional illustration and creating the occasional work of digital art.  I was born in the West Texas steppes, and I’ve haunted the lonely desert plains of the Llano Estacado ever since. I am proudly Texan, and strongly pro-Israel.  I possess a few slightly Gothic tendencies, and I wear black almost exclusively.


Jerod C. Batte, alias “Dunebat”.

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