Michael Mortimer

Artist’s self-portrait.

Hello, Michael Mortimer here. Artist, creator, & owner of the webcomic series “The Disfunctional Friends”.
When i’m not working on the comic, I’m either painting, playing the PS3/4, watching wrestling & anime, or just collecting anything that catches my eye.
“The Disfunctional Friends” is a webcomic series created back in March of 2007. The series follows a group of talking animals & an invisible man, dealing with the most terrifying thing known in existence… life.

Business Card

Cast of Characters:

  • Scooter the Cat: Leader of the gang & owner of the Cats Cafe.
  • Artie the Cat: Escape Artist & local resident of the 9 Lives Asylum.
  • Phil the Penguin: Master thief & emperor of a penguin colony.
  • Jim the Penguin: Canadian penguin wanted by the Mounties.
  • Bob the Polar Bear: A circus bipolar bear that hates clowns.
  • Winston the Mute Dog: Watch dog & cook of the Cats Cafe.
  • The Invisible Man: Owner of the Invisible Eye newsstand & member of the AA.
  • Steve the ScareCrow: Steampunk mad scientist & explosive expert.

Where You Can Find Me Online:

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